Autuori Corporate Communications, Inc.

Industries We Serve

Our services includes professional, business-to-business writing for feature stories, news information releases, executive speeches, press kit materials and corporate newsletters; and media relations with national, international and local print and electronic media.

We maintain strong working relationships with the global press within the news, business, consumer and trade markets. We are equally effective in the arena of industry trade shows, marketing expositions and business conferences, working the floor on behalf of its clients to ensure the maximum results, both from a media exposure standpoint, as well as for sales lead generation.

Direct market letter campaigns to convey important messages and develop new business are also a strong suit. Utilizing sound marketing principles and strategies, we prepare on-target messages that help spark interest, create receptivity to follow-up telemarketing and gain "share of mind" for our clients. Our direct marketing campaigns have achieved measurable results for business in industries ranging from finance and real estate to aircraft lighting, electronics, food service and industrial goods.

Perhaps the greatest evidence of our high perfomance and proven track record is the longevity of its national/international client relationships. We maintain our clients for many years - far beyond the industry norm.

To help support our client's advertising needs, we provide creative services inclusive of: advertising concepts and copywriting for print advertisements, radio scripts, corporate brochures, flyers, and other collateral materials. Depending upon client's needs, we will work in conjunction with their advertising agency or help in the selection of a firm to handle the production for their projects.

By providing a high level of marketing management services to various organizations, we can directly impact a company's overall image, success and profitability. Whether in the area of marketing research and analysis, new sales/market education strategies, or changing consumer/buyer perceptions, We can effectively shape a business' marketing direction and help it advance toward greater growth and development.

We understands that marketing is the fiber of an effective communications program. Towards this end, we apply well-conceived and executed public relations, direct marketing, advertising and marketing management services to forward the business objectives of our clients.